SandDroid - An automatic Android application analysis system. See User's Manual.

Static Analysis:

  • Basic Information Extraction: file size, file hash, package name, SDK version, etc
  • Certification Analysis: Parse the certification and check if it's from AOSP.
  • Category Analysis: Classify the APK to different categories based on the permission information
  • Permission Analysis: Extract permissions (include customized permissions) and detect if the declared permission is used
  • Component Analysis: List all the components (include dynamically registered broadcast receivers) and analyze if the component is exported
  • Code Feature Analysis: Check native code, java reflection, dynamic loader usage
  • Advertisement Module Analysis: Extract all the advertisement modules
  • Sensitive API Analysis: List all the sensitive APIs and the caller code path
  • etc...

Dynamic Analysis:

  • Network Data Record: capture all the network data during the APK's running period
  • Http Data Recovery: recover data from http flow
  • IP Distribution Analysis: parse IP information based on the extracted URLs
  • File Operation Monitor: record file path and data
  • SMS & Phone Call Monitor: record sms sent and phone call
  • SMS Block Monitor: record sms block behavior
  • Crypto Operation Monitor: record crypto usage
  • Data Leakage Monitor: data leakage
  • etc...

Comprehensive Analysis:

  • Risky Behaviors Summary: list risky behaviors
  • Risk Score: Calculate the risk score based on the static and dynamic analysis result

Chrome & FireFox are recommended for a better display!
Date MD5 Package Name Malware Risk
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