Until , AndroMalShare holds samples!

You can now access the AndroMalShare through any one of the domains: http://andromalshare.androidmalware.org:8080, http://andromalshare.androidmalware.net:8080, and http://andromalshare.androidmalware.ocom:8080. Really appreciate Donald Hoskins's providing domain redirection.

AndroMalShare is a project focused on sharing Android malware samples. It's only for research, no commercial use. We present statistical information of the samples, a detail report of each malware sample scanned by SandDroid and the detection results by the anti-virus productions. You can upload malware samples to share with others and each malware sample can be downloaded(only by registered users)!

The project currently provides services as following:

  • Search malware with MD5 value;
  • Search malware with digital signature(SHA1 value parsed from CERT.RSA);
  • Search malware with package name;
  • Search malware with malware family name;
  • Provide an overview of malware samples;
  • Upload malware samples.

Want to help?

We really appreciate your work if you can provide any help. You can:

  • Provide mobile anti-virus engines. With more anti-virus engines, we can definitely improve the detection ratio;
  • Provide malware samples. You can upload the samples through the entry on this web site. If the size of samples is too large, please don't hesitate to contact with me, I will provide other convenient ways;
  • Provide new ideas. There are definitely some other good ideas I haven't implemented in this project. So any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Just feel free to contact with me.
Currently, we request interested parties to first send an email to us to access the system! Please identify (i) your name, (ii) your institution, and (iii) your purpose of accessing the system. Please use only the email address affiliated with your institution. We will then send you the registration code shortly!
Chrome & Firefox are recommended for a better display!
MD5 Package Name Malware
Aegis Jinshan Symantec

You can upload samples one by one or upload them in compressed formats(zip, tar and tar.gz supported)!
Maximum size: 50M.

Select files...

Because of the restrication of network bandwidth, this service has been shutdown. Sorry for this!

We have built an app crawler for third-party Android markets.
You can provide the markets' name you want to crawl and the email to receive the crawled results.
The crawled resutls are packaged as a .csv file which contains the apps' download urls.

Currently, we are crawling apps from markets listed as below:


Fill in the Email field to receive the crawled results; Fill in the Markets field with market names listed above to crawl.

I am a post-graduate at NSKeyLab , Xi'an Jiaotong University and interested in mobile security .